Realtime camera tracking for digital content production

QVR mounted on any camera provides realtime orientation and position. Minimal preparation is required to start using the system. Camera position is streamed to CG software via open text based protocol over IP network (Unreal Engine, Unity, TouchDesigner + any other software as integration is really easy).

By using QVR you get:

  • 1) On-set realtime previews for scene composition
  • 2) Visual aid for actors to perceive CG scene layout


  • 1) Compact and light weight module mounted on camera (less then 200gr.)
  • 2) Flexible mounting on-camera position for QVR's camera
  • 3) Open protocol for communication and integration
  • 4) Wireless option
  • 5) Marker-less tracking option

Our clients:

"During the production for film "Goalkeeper of the Galaxy" QVR system gave us an opportunity to preview complex CG scenes. QVR helped us to prevent missaligment of CG objects and the actors."

Alexander Lipilin, VFX Supervisor